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Tucson Roadrunners Dec 30th

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Tucson Roadrunners Dec 30th Empty Tucson Roadrunners Dec 30th

Post by Darth Rokahn on Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:12 am

Hello friends in Arizona!

The ​​Tucson Roadrunners offer an open invite to costumed fan groups to attend their event on ​​December 30, 2016. This is approved by Lucasfilm. For event details and participation please contact the team directly. Contact information is listed below. Please feel free to share this broadly with your clubs!

Contact: Mark Iralson / Mark.Iralson@tucsonroadrunners.com

Directly below is what we send to the Teams regarding Open Invites for Fan Group participation at sports games:

All SW themed events with Major and Minor league teams are now considered OPEN INVITES. This means we do not have to cast and teams do not have to pay performers. Teams must welcome all fan groups on a first come basis and cannot ask for specific characters or specific amounts. They can set a maximum limit based on accommodations. Open Invites are just that: an invitation to fan groups to show up at an event in costume. Teams cannot direct fan group members to do any activities or be anywhere specific at any specific time - they may provide the groups with a list of activities to self-organize and participate in, but it is at fan group members’ own discretion. We strongly prefer that characters not throw out first pitches, participate in puck drops, sing the National Anthem or things of that nature – if they want, fan group members may escort a child or fan to the mound, etc., but must not be directed to do so. Characters should not hold, wear, sit in or stand on any branded item or logo, especially with a team emblem. The fan groups are welcome to be photographed with others wearing the team logo/brands or in front of signage featuring the team logo/brand, however. We strongly suggest that teams provide a handler/security for costumed fans during activities to ensure the safety and security of said costumed fans, to protect them from overzealous game attendees. Costumed fan groups must be referred to as members from their respective fan groups, and not as official SW/Disney/Lucasfilm characters.

Please do not RSVP with LFL. The corresponding team contact is listed below if you and your members are interested. Spots fill up fast - not all fan groups will get to participate in events where there is a set limit, which are based on a teams’ bandwidth for accommodation.

Fan Groups invited to attend:

501st: Dune Sea Garrison
Rebel Legion: Mos Eisley Base
Mandos: Vhe'kadla Clan
The Dark Empire: The Twin Suns Spire
The Dark Alliance: The Thurra System
The Dented Helmet
Phoenix Lightsaber Performance
Darth Rokahn
Darth Rokahn
Tyran'ari (PR Officer)
Tyran'ari (PR Officer)

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Tucson Roadrunners Dec 30th Empty Re: Tucson Roadrunners Dec 30th

Post by stardancer1914 on Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:22 am

Do we know time and location for this? thanks
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