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Movie Under the Stars, Buttercup Valley 1/23/2016

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Movie Under the Stars, Buttercup Valley 1/23/2016

Post by Darth Rokahn on Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:15 am

Got this one in for the DSG locally. It's likely too late to respond now but if you're interested let me know. I wasn't sure if anyone wanted to attend given the distance which is why I think this one fell through the cracks


The DSG received this event invite from the Imperial Sands Garrison (ISG).  It does conflict with the Firelight Cosplay photo shoot but this is an official event with BLM and LFL approval and support.



Event: Movie Under the Stars, Buttercup Valley

Date: Saturday, January 23, 2016

Time: All Day!


8am @ Buttercup Valley Ranger Station (To be added with Maps and Stuff later!)

Event Description: We are working in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management, Imperial Valley Film Commission, and Lucasfilm to bring a really neat event to life!

We are going to have a full day of fun in the sun out at Buttercup Valley.

Arrive at the ranger station at 8 am.

Transport out to Buttercup Valley (From the BLM) – Play in the sand dunes in costume from 9-noon --local photographers will be invited to join us for the fun!  This is our reward for all the hard work we'll be doing that day!

Come back to the Ranger Station @ Noon to get ready for the public opening of the event.

From 1-4 work some public booths and displays that center around the desert, film, the arts and Star Wars!

After the booths close down at 4, we will transport back out to the filming site and watch Return of the Jedi on the big screen under the stars (YES! This is LFL approved, we are working with their distribution department, and have gotten the “OK” to do this public screening)

The public booths will include displays of art and photography, desert infographics and information, meet and greets with 501st legion (and other invited clubs), potential live artwork and art contest, coloring and other kids activities, etc.  The whole event is open to the public.

Cutoff Date for Participation: January 16, 2016

Changing Space: Yes.

Water: Water will be available.

Weapons: Weapons authorized.

Point of Contact: Imperial Sands Garrison (ISG)

Other Star Wars Clubs: Invited

Special Instructions: All we need to do is get to the ranger station.  BLM and Imperial Valley Film Commission will be providing transport out to the dunes for Star Wars clubs.


There is a plan for inclement weather/rain, although its unlikely to be needed.

Updates (as needed):  YES—we know that there is a similar event going organized by Firelight Cosplay.  This film showing/desert event has been in the planning stages since prior to August 2015.
Darth Rokahn
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Tyran'ari (PR Officer)

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