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How to join The Dark Empire

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Simply log onto our forums and introduce yourself in the "Roll Call" section! Your membership on the forums may need to be approved first before you can sign in. You must be at least 18 years of age to register on our forums. Minors aged 13-17 may join our forums, however, will require parental approval and assistance from a Council Member before forum registration can be completed.

For assistance, contact us via email TDEcostumeclub@aol.com

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Guidelines For Trooping

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Guidelines For Trooping

Post by Vexxa Sayul on Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:39 pm

It pains me to even have to write something like this but it has come to my attention that some people simply don't read the charter or understand how trooping works. These are my own rules, not rules passed down from Council. If you feel any of these are unjust/unfair/wrong, please message me & we will discuss it.

> Unless we are invited to an event, and have written proof (event invite sent in, cross-posted event [with written consent from the CO of the clan/squad/garrison], etc), you can not simply show up to an event because you feel like it. Phone calls/in-person conversations do not count as an invite. They need to be submitted or cross-posted.

> If it is an event open to all costumers (in clubs & not in clubs [cosplayers]) & we did not get an invite, you may not claim it as a troop. You are attending that event as a costumer not as a TDE member, meaning that I expect you to remove anything that identifies you as a TDE member (badge, club logo/name).

> While at a troop, I expect you to behave. You are representing a LFL club, please conduct yourself accordingly. ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKING, SMOKING, DRUGS, GAMBLING, ETC! This looks bad on both the Club and LFL as we are part of Disney. It isn't allowed in other clubs, it isn't allowed here.

> You will be courteous to other clubs & their troopers/handlers. If a problem arises please contact me immediately (through phone, text, or Facebook messenger) so I can handle it. If you feel not welcome, I urge you to try to resolve the conflict. if it isn't possible, contact me with the name & date of your troop so I can resolve it.

> You will stay in kit for the duration of the troop. If the troop is an all-day affair, I will find out what time(s) we are needed as I do not expect anyone to stay in kit for a six hour+ event.

> Start times listed on events are times you need to be kitted up by, not showing up at. This gives you time to get ahold of the coordinator to find your changing area as the coordinator may be too busy if you show up late. If you think you will be late for a troop please let me or the troop's Point of Contact know so we can contact the coordinator.

> If you have made any alterations to your costume, you need to submit them to both me & the Nes'ari for review before the event. Please try to give us a full 48 hour window of time to review your costume. This allows you time to potentially fix something that may be denied. The same rule applies to character make-up.

Rules are subject to change, more may be added on or retracted as I see fit.

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