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Flagstaff Parade for the 4th of July

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Flagstaff Parade for the 4th of July

Post by Darth Rokahn on Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:45 pm

This is the notice we received from Victoria Rogers who worked with our contact in the 501st. Most of you already knew about it but I wanted to post it up anyways


Hey Troopers! It's that time again Smile

This is our absolute favourite event up here in the northland and you know you want to get out of the heat and come up here in the middle of July Smile

So here are the deets:

Saturday, July 4th.

Parade usually begins at 9:00 (I will get all the hardcore facts when I go to the pre-meeting about this in a few weeks), so we need to be geared up and ready by then.

We,as in Will and I, usually get to the site around 7:30 and will try to save as many parking spots as is humanly possible. We have requested to be in the lineup in the staging area where we, many times are. We don't know for sure if they will honour that request (they didn't last year), but we asked. I will know more as we get closer.

The parade takes about 20 minutes to walk and afterwards we have already booked a local Mexican joint for our group lunch afterwards.

Cafe Rio<---clickie for joint info

2710 S. Woodlands Village Blvd.

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Please use this thread to sign up for the parade but then just tell me in a post if you will be coming to the lunch (with how many people in your party) so I can get a good number to give to the restaurant so they are prepared

I will have ice coolers filled with plenty of water for you and have snacky things like granola bars and such for you to keep energy and morale high Smile. This has become a really big event for us and I so appreciate you all for trekking up here. Last year was our largest group to date and we seem to be getting bigger every year!!! We always have a blast and I am looking forward to seeing you all. And yes, we do need wranglers, so bring the significant others and make it a family affair:)

I will be posting a map of the site when I know for sure where our staging area will be.

I will be cross posting this event. You only need to register with one group if you are in multiple groups.

Thanks in advance!!!
Darth Rokahn
Tyran'ari (PR Officer)
Tyran'ari (PR Officer)

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Re: Flagstaff Parade for the 4th of July

Post by neelz on Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:49 pm

Jana and I plan on doing this, having lunch and thanheading back tothe valley. It's a fun little parade.
Official Member
Official Member

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Re: Flagstaff Parade for the 4th of July

Post by Rio Ca'tal on Mon Jun 22, 2015 4:29 am

This was SO much fun last year, can't wait to do it again. Smile Rio's in.
Rio Ca'tal

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Re: Flagstaff Parade for the 4th of July

Post by Sponsored content

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