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Event Posting Procedures

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Event Posting Procedures

Post by Dar'Jetii on Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:16 pm

Event Coordinator
If you post a new event thread, you will be the default event coordinator. You will be responsible for the communication between the event contact (person requesting the event) and our group. In the event that you cannot attend the event or you're unable to take "point" for us, please contact the local Leader.
Types of events
Private events are event requests that I receive from the Legion boards. Rebel Legion members, along with the local R2 builders, have access to these threads.
Public events would be parades, conventions, informal events that are open to the public. These events would also be open to other groups, such as the501st, Mercs new members, and other groups. Be aware when posting public events, certain information regarding planning should remain private such as email addresses, phone numbers, event POC contact information, etc.
If events are mis-posted, all officers have the ability to move threads to their proper forum.
Event postings
Please use the following format for a new thread/event: Month/Date/Year Day Event Name, Location
Example:  JINGLE JOG FOR AUTISM 5K & 1M REINDEER DASH 12/14/2013.  Loganville GA
Message body should have the Following information
Event Name:
Venue address:
Event Start:
Event End:
Event website:
Expected number of attendees:
Requested number of characters:
Secure changing/staging area:
and any comments about the event
Venue: Downtown Loganville , Georgia
Venue address: Loganville High School Stadium
                    3431 Old Zion Cemetery Rd
                    Loganville , GA 30052
Event Start: 12/14/2013 - 09:00 for set up and getting into costume, event starts at 10:00 am
Event End: 12/14/2013 -2:00pm
Event Website: http://beta.active.com/loganville-ga/running/8th-annual-f-a-c-e-s-jingle-jog-for-autism-5k-and-1m-reindeer-dash-2013
Expected number of attendees: 500
Requested number of characters:
Requested character types:
Secure changing/staging area: Yes
Comments: Come and join us at our new location- LOGANVILLE HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM - for the JINGLE JOG FOR AUTISM 5K and REINDEER DASH. The course will be run on paved streets. All proceeds from this event will benefit F.A.C.E.S. (Families of Autism/Asperger's, Care, Educate and Support) to provide Summer Camp 2014 for children on the Autism Spectrum for ages 3-22 serving Walton and surrounding counties. This year we are also teaming up with The Council for Exceptional Children.
Referred by: http://www.georgiafaces.info/    or   Teresa Duncan Johnson
Please update your first posts with an confirmed, interest and handler roster as members put there attendance commitments are posted or as people drop out. The event participants should never have to hunt through pages of replies for pertinent information.
Dar'Jetii TDE-090 / SRS-009
Lord Knightstalker TDE-033 / SRS-005
Vad Kaar TDE-121
Lord Phyre TDE-123
Lady Nemis TDE-132
Lord Koros TDE-179
Prudii TDE-151
Ziel TDE-196

DarkJediKyen TDE - 113
JonSolo TDE-070 / SRS-011

Tom H
Alex M

Jedi assembly
Rebel Legion (RL)
Droid builders
Mando Mercs
Event respondents:
Please post your first name, and Character Costume in your replies. There are Face Characters, such as Vader, Boushh, Leia, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, etc. that should only have one member appearing at a time during the same event that need to be coordinated.
Example: TDE-074 Jester - Vader
Thank you for your help and cooperation.
Merchandise Officer
Merchandise Officer

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