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DCC 2013 mission report

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DCC 2013 mission report

Post by Sith Princess Revan on Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:11 am

Incoming Transmission

Korriban Temple – Colorado

Mission: Denver Comic Con 2013 May 31st to June 2nd

Again the Sith infiltrated the Colorado Convention center for Denver Comic Con! This time along the Star Wars wall, right alongside the 501st, Rebel Legion, Rocky Mountain Fan Force and Mandalorian Mercs.

This year was even bigger then last year, attendance actually tripling. Making Denver Comic Con the third largest of the Comic Cons.

Sadly Stan Lee canceled last minute and was not in attendance. However there were quite a few other great stars there!

Among them was Raphael Sbarge. The voice of Carth Onasi in the KOTOR games, Scorch in Republic Commando as well as various other voices in the Star Wars Universe.

Later in the day on Saturday I was able to induct Mr. Sbarge as an Honorary Member of TDE. He was overjoyed and loved the plaque as well as the honor of being part of the group. He was really a great guy and a joy to be able to meet!

Saturday was also when the table was run (as that was the busiest day) and the charity raffle was held. Over the course of the day we raised $40, which was given to The Smile Train. There were also quite a few people interested in joining.

Sunday was reserved for seeking out and recruiting new potential members. Our recruiting actually went quite well over the two days, having at least 7 costumed Sith interested as well as a few plane clothed individuals interested in making a costume to join. Two of the Sith I spoke to actually joined up on the forums! It would seem we are growing, slowly but surly!

Over all it was a great convention and I am looking forward to Denver Comic Con 2014!

End Transmission

Sith Princess Revan
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