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CO Election

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CO Election

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:47 pm

I have a question, this has been asked in the past on electing a new Sith'ari "CO" of TDE, In my opinion we need to have one. my question is, why can we have an election for a new Imperial hand and XO? & not have an election for a new CO of the TDE?


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Re: CO Election

Post by Lord Bruticus on Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:36 pm

Article VIII Section 3 of the Charter reads as follows:

Incumbent Council Members

a. If an incumbent TDE Council Member desires to remain in office during an election, that
Officer has the right to remain unopposed during an election, provided the majority of the
Council agree to such a stipulation.

· TDE Council positions shall become vacant and therefore available in an election
when a position is voluntarily vacated, or when a TDE Council Member is removed (see
“Vote of No Confidence Procedure” in Article VII).

b. This Incumbent policy shall be limited to the TDE Council only. The TDE Council also
shall appoint election dates and reserves the right to vacate and temporarily fill any elected
position outside of the five-member TDE Council.


The reason for this policy is twofold:

1. It ensures the continuity of our administrative team, each member of which has control of elements vital to the continued existence of our organization.

For example: If I were to step down from the Council, there would occur the following loss of resources (some of which are recoverable, however, some of which would be permanently lost): TDE email, website, podcast, established working relations with Lucasfilm and various media outlets, and other STAR WARS fan groups. Other Council members also have positions that are vital to the smooth operation of TDE. (I am currently filling double-duty maintaining our charity totals this year, as another example, until the new Anik'ari / XO is vetted once the current election cycle ends).

2. The positions on the TDE Council are electable when a council member either removes themselves or is removed administratively. All Jen'ari positions and Sedriss positions (local chapters of TDE) always remain electable each year, provided that the incumbent has served a minimum of one year in office. The reason for this is to allow a democratic process to exist within the club and to provide members with an opportunity for leadership responsibilities accordingly, while admin personnel continue their established duties that are integral to our existence as a club.

For example: Our sister club, the Mandalorian Mercs, maintains Clan elections, but holds semi-permanent positions at their highest administrative levels. Tom Hutchens, their founder, has been their CO since their founding in 2007. Our Charter, until it was revamped in 2010, was originally almost identical to theirs, and still maintains many parallels.

Lord Draconis TDE-002 is our co-founder and has been Sith'ari since 2010, when our club underwent an overhaul due to our founder being administratively removed. A full printed and audio record of those proceedings are maintained, the details of which remain confidential.
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