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9.7.2012- Bainbridge Island, WA Food Drive

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9.7.2012- Bainbridge Island, WA Food Drive

Post by Devatha Riln on Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:53 am

Hey guys, copying this over from the Mercs. It's a pretty limited event, but I'll probably pull on my Sith Scout sash (even if I'm not sure I'll be in the full costume because of store request that is addressed in the info about this event) so figured I'd post it up here. (Also, yeah, didn't want you guys to think we're totally dead up here. lol (I've been busy trying to get ready for C6 so. . yeah. . .bit scatterbrained at the moment.)

Location: Town and Country Markets, Bainbridge Island. Front of store
Date: Sept 7th
Time: 3pm - 7 pm

What we'll be doing: pretty much just hang out in front of the store, handing out flyers to shoppers listing the foods Helpling is asking for. We should have a shopping cart or two that we can put bags into; either myself or Jonah can drive loads over to Helpline if stuff fills up enough that that is needed (the Helpline House contact said it does often happen).

Only a couple people in armor at a time per store request. Not per store request, but something I'm asking in light of the Colorado incident is that the people in costume please not have guns (or if they do leave them holstered). If it feels like people are uncomfortable with the helmets, or if it's just too warm to keep them on, feel free to take helmets off and hold them under an arm or something.

Because of the store request, if more than a couple of people want to be there in costume (myself and Jonah will be in civilian clothes since we'll be getting back from the East coast that day 0_0) then those people will need to sort out if they're going to change out part way through the drive or what. Please note that members of TK clan of the Mercs have first dibs on costume spots since this event is primarily arranged via the Merc's charity Little Warrior International.

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Kandosii (tentative)
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